Workout Of The Day

Monday, October 23rd, 2017



Thrusters 95/65



Fran done properly has two milestones: sub 5min and sub 3min, which is orders of magnitude greater. As a test, scale appropriately.

As a workout: If you can do the weight, do so and modify the reps (15-12-9, 12-9-6); if the pull-ups are what slows you down, modify the reps but make them as difficult as possible. No bands, jumping pull-ups only with bar 6”+ above outstretched hands.


Skill 10min

Handstand push ups

Balance, partner, pike, etc.



3 Strict HSPU

20 AbMat sit-ups


RX+= 4” deficit, GHD

S1= Negatives, box, or push ups