Group CrossFit Classes


Group classes are offered Monday through Friday throughout the day/evening and Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Members will pay a monthly membership fee or purchase a punch card and may attend any of our group classes, Olympic lifting class, and Power lifting class on the schedule.  See our Schedule (link schedule here) for specific class times. 


What to expect from our Group CrossFit Classes:

  • One hour class.
  • Suggested warm up catered to the movements in the daily WOD as well as, potential sore spots from the previous day.
  • Technique of the movements in the workout.  We tech every day, every class, no matter your ability level.  We are in the business of getting you to move better, more efficiently, more intensely under load.   At any time, you can have a light bulb go off.
  • Set up time, weight warm up time if the WOD includes a heavy weight.
  • The WOD
  • Time to collect scores and clean up.


As a courtesy, we encourage all of our members to wait to clean up equipment until after everyone is finished with the workout.  We also help people understand friendly etiquette to those working out in your class.  Not only do we develop your skill and performance in the WOD’s but we foster a community that supports each other to inspire and motivate us all to keep coming back. 


We encourage all CrossFit NorthWest Tucson members to record and track their workouts.  This gives you a guideline, goals, and accountability to all the hard work you put into your fitness.  CrossFit NorthWest Tucson has used Beyond the Whiteboard since 2009 to record our workouts.  We currently pay for our current members subscription to Beyond the Whiteboard.  


For further questions, please contact Jennifer at


  • LEO/MIL/Fire discounts (extends to spouses)
  • Student & Teacher discounts
  • Senior discounts
  • Corporate Discount (businesses are eligible for this discount if there are 5 or more employees as members of CrossFit NorthWest Tucson)