At CrossFit NorthWest Tucson, we are equally as passionate about getting you to eat well as we are to get you to perfect your dead lift.  Lean on us, yet be personally accountable for the food and drink choices YOU make.  Our goal is to help you chose a nutrition plan that you can see yourself following in 12 months, in 5 years, in 20 years.  CrossFit is lifestyle choice and with it comes both sacrifice and reward.  CrossFit NorthWest Tucson is a community rich with members all supporting each other in their workouts and their nutrition.  Eating healthy does not mean a boring, bland life of food.  There are many websites and books that support the diets we recommend.  Please view our Nutrition Resources section for a list of sites, books, and movies we recommend. 

The Foundations Program


The Foundations Program is designed to elevate the importance of nutrition in our membership community. Consistent workouts are only part of the commitment. Food choices have an enormous impact on your health, fitness, physique, and performance.


There are four ways to participate in the Foundations Program:

  • Elements Class - Introduction to Nutrition
  • The Foundations Seminar
  • 8 Week Foundation-Sprints
  • Private Nutrition Coaching


Introduction to Nutrition

New members of our community attending the Elements Class receive an introduction to the Foundations Program during a discussion covering the following topics:


  • The hierarchy of athletic development
  • Resources for self-study and application
  • Setting initial goals
  • Foundations Program options, benefits and features


The Foundations Seminar

The Foundations Seminar is a 3 hour session covering energy balance, macronutrients, fiber, hydration, and body composition. Seminar participants will understand:


  • The nutritional order of concern
  • Body composition
  • The numbers behind calorie apps
  • Fat loss and muscle synthesis
  • When a deficit or surplus is right for you
  • Intermittent fasting: the research, benefits and limitations
  • Personal measurements
  • DexaScan and BodPod basics and reports


The 8 Week Sprint

The 8 week sprint is a fun, social way of putting your nutrition knowledge into practice! Participants set goals and work as a team to make sure each person is moving in the right direction.  The 8 week sprint is open only to those who have completed the Foundations Seminar and includes:


  • A monthly cooking event
  • A private FaceBook Community to share experiences and recipes
  • Coaching using MyFitnessPal
  • Unlimited coaching email/text/messaging
  • Weekly meetings/WOD


Private Nutrition Coaching

The private nutrition coaching option is for those who prefer to work with a coach on a more personal level. As your mentor, the nutrition coach will help you dial into your personal performance and physique goals. Together we will crush the obstacles and master the mental game of being fit and strong. Meeting with a coach on a regular basis provides the accountability you need to stay on track.


For further questions, please contact Anne.