Tom Blanchard

Published September 15, 2015

I had been working out in a traditional gym, lifting and cardio, for most of the past 20+ years and was getting nowhere fast, or actually slow given all the time spent in the gym.  I was losing motivation and ready to quit but knew I needed to do something. One day I was reading the local sports page and I see Greg Walker, who I met 20 years ago buying a pool, doing something called crossfit and decided to give him a call and check it out. So I joined and after 2 weeks I hit a wall ( literally, could not do a handstand without slamming into the wall ) and thought I was in way over my head but Greg convinced me not to give up, just keep coming, and promised to always play Zeppelin at the 3 o'clock !  I just hit my 3 year anniversary and can say I am probably in better shape now, at age 56, then when I was 18 playing high school football. I have dealt with a few dings along the way, like most of us, but would rather be a little beat up and doing crossfit than my old gym routine, any day. I credit all the coaches who have pushed me to get my motivation back, and anxiously await those words from Greg before every WOD... 3,2,1, GO. 

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