Melanie Johnston (The Pregnant CrossFitter)

Published August 5, 2015

Walking into the gym each day I felt so lucky to have CrossFit as a way to be healthy during pregnancy. I think CrossFit prevented me from going crazy on pickles and ice cream, so to speak, because I didn't want to do all that work for nothing.

I faithfully CrossFit 4-6 times each week during my entire pregnancy. CrossFit kept me sane and gave me motivation on the "I'm done being pregnant" days. One of the biggest things CrossFitting while pregnant taught me was to embrace the now. As I got bigger, some things got harder and I had to scale other things. CrossFit helped me live and wod happily in the moment. It helped me not to be so hard on myself and to lighten up a bit - things I have found very beneficial in new parenthood.

The coaches were amazing. I felt safe and encouraged at every workout. I also loved having so many doctors and first responders in my classes, especially as my due date approached.

When I walked in on the morning of January 28, 2013, little did I know I would truly meet my goal of working out up until the very end of my pregnancy. I went into labor during the second round of The Chief. It was so exciting! I was at a place I loved with people I love getting an awesome workout. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Now that I am back, CrossFit is much different for me. When I get frustrated because I can't do something I used to be able to do, I look at my tiny cheerleader, my future CrossFitter, and I remind myself to embrace the now once again.

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