New Programming starting 8/13/18! Fitness Track and Performance Track

//New Programming starting 8/13/18! Fitness Track and Performance Track

New Programming starting 8/13/18! Fitness Track and Performance Track

NEW PROGRAMMING!  Fitness Track & Performance Track Programming: Coach Jennifer

Starting Monday, August 13th, we are implementing a two track programming for our members.  One track is our Fitness Track and the other is our Performance Track.  Both the Fitness and Performance Workouts will be posted on the website and on the whiteboard.  The difference, what workouts will get you to your overall goals.  Are you here to get better in health?  Or are you here to get better at CrossFit the sport?  We love and welcome both because that is what makes our community so unique!  Our diverse inspiration for what makes us tick!  We want to provide you all with a track that works for your CrossFit goals while enjoying the community of what has made us tick over the past 10 years.  

The Fitness track is geared to our every day warriors, who CrossFit at CFNWT for our community and life is their sport.  They want to improve, feel fit, PR lifts, enjoy the community, and get an overall kick A$$ workout!  Their goal is get sweaty, look good naked, and feel the workouts benefits.  

The Performance track is geared to our athletes.  Our athletes who want to compete at all levels, who want to challenge themselves above and beyond.  They are willing to put in the time and focus to hone in on the technique required to progress to that next level.  

If you have any questions regarding the two tracks, please email jennife[email protected]

Can I still get in shape following the Fitness track?  Absolutely!  You will still be hands on with a barbell, a kettle bell and learn new skills!

Do I have to chose one or the other? Nope.  You can do a Fitness RX WOD on Monday and come in on Tuesday to RX (or scale) the Performance RX.

Can I still scale workouts?  Absolutely! You can still SCALE the Fitness and Performance WOD’s and RX+ the Fitness and Performance WOD’s. 

How do I know who I am comparing myself to on the whiteboard?  FRX is Fitness RX and PRX is Performance RX.  We will designate in the Scale column on the board.  Both WOD’s will be on Beyond the Whiteboard.