Class time starts promptly or else 50 burpees…just kidding. Out of respect to our members’ schedules, we as coaches do our best to get you out of class in a timely manner. Please extend that respect when arriving to class.

**Ina Corridor: Ina Road Construction. Due to the Ina Road 1-10 Exit closure, please plan for extra travel time (5-7minutes). The coaches are sympathetic to traffic so if you are late, please review the white board for warm up movements.

CFNWT does not offer refunds on memberships or punch cards.  If you pay by credit or debit card and you wish to cancel your membership, after your agreed contract has been fulfilled, you will be required to give 30-day written notice to terminate. You will pay the next payment in that 30 day period.  The 30 day period will begin when the email is received.  These terms also apply to cash and check payers.  PLEASE NOTE**:  If you wish to cancel your membership, an email must be received PRIOR to the system billing. If your email is dated the day of or after the billing date, CFNWT will not refund your money.  Please email: [email protected] to handle membership terminations.

As a courtesy, we encourage all of our members to wait to clean up equipment until after everyone is finished with the workout. We also help people understand friendly etiquette to those working out in your class. Not only do we develop your skill and performance in the WOD’s but we foster a community that supports each other to inspire and motivate us all to keep coming back. If you absolutely must leave early, please ask a coach or another member to put your equipment away after class.

Record your workouts to measure strengths and gains. We encourage all CrossFit NorthWest Tucson members to record and track their workouts. This gives you a guideline, goals, and accountability to all the hard work you put into your fitness. CrossFit NorthWest Tucson has used Beyond the Whiteboard since 2009 to record our workouts.

Go to Beyond the Whiteboard to sign up. Select CrossFit NorthWest Tucson as your gym. You will be prompted to input your credit card info but CFNWT currently pays for our current/active members to use Beyond The Whiteboard. *Note: Members have easier luck signing up initially on a computer then downloading the app for everyday day use on their phone.

Let’s CrossFit.

We offer a variety of membership packages to suit all levels of training and to help achieve your fitness goals.