Sunday Format has changed

//Sunday Format has changed

Sunday Format has changed

Sunday School Format has changed: Coach Jennifer and Coach Zack

Sunday’s Format has changed! We did a test run last Sunday and it was awesome! You may have noticed that the Sunday WOD and 9am Open Gym has been taken over by the “Monster Mash”. We can all blame the President of the Monster Club, Coach Zack (see his blurb below), for introducing us to this incredible torture! Almost a year ago, Coach Zack started to ask everyone he could to join him to Monster Mash. Not many people were crazy enough to try it. But person by person, Coach Zack had a group of people joining him and soon enough, Monster Mash straight up took over Sunday. The energy is amazing and we decided, why not let Monster Mash be the WOD on Sunday’s? We were having people come in for the 10am class wondering what was going on and we wanted everyone to feel welcome to join in on the “Monster Club”. We hope to see more of you come give it a try! (Monster Mash is a 3 part workout with a 5 minutes rest in between each section. Very few RX the Monster Mash. Most people scale some or all of the Monster Mash. So don’t let the weight or volume intimidate you. Trust me, you need to try it!) Monster Mash will push your CrossFit fitness to another level! We hope to see you join us or come in to cheer us on!

Here is how Sunday’s format will go:

9am – 11am Open Gym.
There will be 2 WOD’s programmed for Sunday, 1. The Monster Mash, 2. A daily WOD (think Hero WOD)
You will also have the option to do your own thing, make up a WOD from the week or work on a weakness.
From Coach Zack: “When I started CrossFit, before finding CFNWT, a couple buddies and I would just find the hardest workout we could online every day (we did Kelly weekly). For me CrossFit Linchpin’s Monster Mash workout was a throwback to my early days in CrossFit.

Pat Sherwood, known from the CrossFit Games Update show, started posting daily workouts online for CrossFit Linchpin in 2014. As he describes the story he was asked to write tougher workouts for his buddies at CrossFit HQ for them to compete. He started posting these workouts on Social Media and they blew up from there. He named these the “Monday Monster Mash” and started posting them on his site on Mondays. These workouts are usually three 5 to 15 minute workouts with 5 min rest in between (generally takes 30-40 min). They sometimes VERY heavy, and sometimes VERY technical, but hey, that’s the fun of CrossFit.

When I first saw these workouts, it was a throwback for me to the old days of finding the most difficult workout, writing it on the whiteboard and getting after it. When I started these at Sunday open gym people were a bit apprehensive to join in, but they gave them a shot and it’s really catching on. Sherwood says he writes these workouts for Games/Regional level athletes, but that’s why we scale things. This is one of the great aspects of CrossFit, it’s infinitely scalable. So I invite everybody to join in on the new Sunday tradition of Monster Mash at open gym. As always if anybody ever has any questions on scaling never hesitate to ask.”