Ryan Sandbank

“Let’s see…I’m a Border patrol Agent with almost 20 years on the job. I’ll be 45 years old in March and enjoy shooting, CrossFit, cooking and long walks on the beach…just kidding.

I’ve started CrossFit on March 01, 2010 on the suggestion of a friend who had been doing it and loved it. Previously I was boxing, kickboxing and doing standard Globo gym stuff so I thought I was in pretty good shape. Six minutes after Greg put me through the baseline I realized that was mistaken. As soon as got up off the floor I signed up.

I don’t think I’d ever quit CrossFit. Since I joined my fitness level is heads and tails above any other time in my life and I’ve done things I never thought I would, like the Tough Mudder and Spartan race. All done with friends from CrossFit Northwest Tucson. The people I’ve met here are awesome and I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had. Also CrossFit has enabled me to keep a fitness level that makes my job easier and safer as I’ve gotten older. That’s enough to keep anybody coming back I think!

A large part of it is the Walker family and the people they have chosen to coach and program the WODs. They make everyone feel welcome and comfortable enough to step out of their comfort zone and try things they thought they could or would never do. I can’t imagine belonging to another CrossFit gym…No way!

Thanks guys!”

Jenny Johnson

“I am a 37-year-old mother of four girls. I have always loved working out and about 4 years ago I was looking to try something new so I joined CFNWT. It was not love at first WOD! I was lost and confused at first. There was so much to learn! With the help of amazing coaches and newfound friends, I am still here four years later. I am still learning new things all the time, which I love! I never get bored with CrossFit. I have made some incredible friends at this gym. The love and support of those friends and caring coaches keeps me coming back day after day. I love this place!”

Kristen Horton

“My name is Kristen Horton. I am 30 years old, I am happily married, a mother to one beautiful little girl and I work as Registered Nurse. I have been CrossFitting at CFNWT for five years!! I am probably one of the longest returning athletes at the gym. I originally joined CFNWT so I could get in shape for my upcoming wedding and because I wanted structure with my workouts. I was tired of walking into LA Fitness and feeling intimidated by the weightlifting section. I instantly fell in love and was obsessed! I remember my first workout was the 9/11 tribute WOD 343. I wanted to quit so badly but pushed on knowing that I was doing a workout with a deeper purpose and meaning. I loved that the workouts were constantly different and pushing me outside of my comfort zone. After 5 years I keep coming back to CFNWT because I truly enjoy the workouts and the community. I love that the Coaches know your name and genuinely care about you as an athlete and a friend.The support I received while CrossFitting during my entire pregnancy (I literally did a WOD the day before I delivered at 40 weeks and 4 days) and now when I bring my daughter to the gym are incredible. I can honestly say that I have found some of my best friends at the gym. I love that every day I have something to work towards and friends that push me to lift a little more or go a little faster than I would probably do on my own. I may never be able to do a muscle up but it’s okay. It gives me a reason to keep coming back and something to work for!”

Tom Blanchard

“I had been working out in a traditional gym, lifting and cardio, for most of the past 20+ years and was getting nowhere fast, or actually slow given all the time spent in the gym. I was losing motivation and ready to quit but knew I needed to do something. One day I was reading the local sports page and I see Greg Walker, who I met 20 years ago buying a pool, doing something called crossfit and decided to give him a call and check it out. So I joined and after 2 weeks I hit a wall ( literally, could not do a handstand without slamming into the wall ) and thought I was in way over my head but Greg convinced me not to give up, just keep coming, and promised to always play Zeppelin at the 3 o’clock ! I just hit my 3 year anniversary and can say I am probably in better shape now, at age 56, then when I was 18 playing high school football. I have dealt with a few dings along the way, like most of us, but would rather be a little beat up and doing crossfit than my old gym routine, any day. I credit all the coaches who have pushed me to get my motivation back, and anxiously await those words from Greg before every WOD… 3,2,1, GO.”

Bob Krygier

“So I wanted to share with you….I just got back form my annual SWAT physical, or what I will call the doctor humping my leg.

All my blood work and levels are outstanding…better than ever before. Then we do a stress test on a treadmill…well, it takes me way long to get my heart rate up to where the doc wants it…about 4 or 5 minutes longer than he was expecting…then once it gets there…it drops like a rock and I recover in basically no time…

We talk a bit and I drop the CrossFit on him…he is impressed. He then goes on to tell me all my heart stuff…to include some blood work and scans are literally in the top 1% of the population.

Pretty much all because of my new lifestyle…all joking aside…the gym kicks ass, you kick ass, Jennifer kicks ass, and I am loving it!!!!!


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